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Quinn tapes her Slave List to the door of her room to check things off as they get done:

1. Do my homework.

2. Model whatever Barbossa's going to put me in for Professor Beeblebrox's class.

3. Maintain any and all correspondence with my sister cousin Daria for parents weekend.
3a. Give her wrong directions if need be.

4. Clean my room, without snooping.

5. Arrange my closet by color.
5a. Then fabric.
5b. Then summer vs. winter clothes

6. Pack away my summer clothes.

7. List of things to get from the Emporium:
Cotton pads- get cotton balls and I'll kill you
6-pack of Evian
1 box of Tampax Pearl

8. Chocolate from Wonka's wouldn't be remiss. Sugar-free.

9. Bring me a small low-fat chai latte in the morning.

10. Carry my books to and from class.

11. Do all my unnecessary bending and lifting for me.

12. Tell me honestly if these shoes make my feet look fat.

13. Keep all sounds from the second floor from disturbing me.

14. Keep all gremlins from disturbing me.

15. And cute girl-eating animals.

16. And students. Unless they're a cute boy or a popular girl.

17. You can sleep in the doorway of my room. I have a spare bedsheet. It's pink.

18. Hold my purse when I go shopping.

19. Find me someplace on this freaking island that sells Kiehl's.

20. Send me flowers telling me you appreciate being in my servitude.

21. Be my footrest when I feel like it.

22. Paint my nails.
22a. And how about a pedicure?

23. Organize my CD collection by genre.

24. Screen all E-mails from Sandi in case of secret cattiness.
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