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Name:Quinn Morgendorffer
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
Mun: comedownstairs
Fandom: Daria
Room: 219, with upforachase

The canon: Quinn comes from Lawndale, which I'm pretty sure is on the East Coast somewhere, and she's from a fairly normal family. Workaholic mother, stressed-out father, antisocial sister. Back home, Quinn is super cute and super popular. She's Vice President of the Fashion Club, a group of four girls who dictate what's in and what's not. She dates a lot of boys, but is actually kind of a prude with rules about no slow-dancing until the third date, etc. etc. Our Quinn is not one for progressing feminism. She's also a lot smarter than she gives herself credit for, or at least tries and hides it because it wouldn't look cool. However, she's not above taking advantage of any popularity gained from it.

Tweaking canon: Actually haven't done much. Quinn was 14 at the start of the show, which would probably put her at 16 when the show ends. Jake and Helen very simply shipped her off to fandomhigh after Is It College Yet?

About Quinn: Quinn is very social (the mun's trying, anyway) and is obsessed with popularity. I kind of think it's more fun to play the popular girl as someone who just doesn't fit in at a school like this. Everyone's encouraged to come play with her, especially to mess with her. (Hehehehe)

Interests (28):

america's next top model, being cute, being like cindy crawford, being popular, boys, buffy, cars, cashman's, clothes, cute boys, cute shoes, dad's credit card, dating, ethics class hate, fashion, fashion club, flirting, going on dates, junior 5, misdirected, money, my hair, pink, popularity, shoes, vanessa saturn, vogue, waif
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