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It's been a busy few days, and Quinn's glad to finally have time to write up an E-mail.

To: Sandi Griffin (
From: Quinn Morgendorffer (
Subject: I take it back!!!!

I've been back for a couple days. Just in time for the new students to come in. Yeah. I met a girl who said she was from another planet but I'm SURE she's messing with me, and she was okay, even if she said I have a weird name (like she can talk!!!). Everyone else seems pretty normal and my new roommate Cordelia is AWESOME except I think she told that Zander guy that I liked him or something because he left me a voicemail about kissing, but I also think he might be kind of gay or something. I'm sure I can find out.

I also found out that Parker is sleeping with her boss' ex-boyfriend, ewwwwwwwww! I mean, he HAS to be old!! And that Lee blushes around girls but wears their underwear, and one of the Jacks is a really good kisser. A LOT of people talked about him. And they told me all about it personally, I swear. And half the cute boys are off limits because they're seriously dating SCARY GIRLS. Like, seriously Sandi, you know the girls who are all up in the locker rooms saying "I saw you looking at my man, don't make me cut you?" They would so do it. And yet that seems to be really popular here. I told you this place was weird. The other half of the boys are gay. Or maybe they're gay and dating the scary girls, which might explain some things. And Logan who used to be a bunny snores, and Rory loves Bridgey (whoever that is), and also, she eats bugs. EEEEEEEEEEW. I thought she was popular!!!

And last night I was in the GIRLS' BATHROOM taking a shower, and one of the boys came in to graffiti the wall!!!!! This girl and I started screaming and a whole bunch of the girls came in including a couple of the scary ones, and then the vice principal came in and gave the pervert detention. I was still in a towel, but I appresh was glad anyway.

Sometimes I like this school.

Call me later!!!!

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