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Sep. 28th, 2015 07:15 pm
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Hi! You've reached Quinn. I'm not in. I'm never in. If you're calling for a date, press one, and then E-mail me a picture of yourself to quinn.morgendorffer@fandomhigh.ner. If you're calling about school, press two, and I'll get back to you. If you're my mom, press three and I'm doing all my homework, I swear. If this is about other stuff, press four. Talk to you soon! ...Maybe.
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"...A couple hours," says Quinn, checking around the room to make sure all her stuff is packed up, because we all know if she forgets anything, she's not coming back to get it. This place is weird. "There had better be something going on like, the second I get back. I am not spending all that time with my family... Of course I didn't mean anything by it, Sandi. I'm not ordering you around or anything. I would never do that. Oh, look at the time. I have to get going so I can get going so I'll see you soon. Bye!"

As soon as she's hung up with Sandi, she sticks a note to Cordelia on the inside of the door.


I'm going home. Like woah. Thanks for being cool and I hope they don't break you with all the crazy. I took one of your sweaters but left my cute pink pencil skirt with you because I don't like it anymore and it would look better on you anyway. Something to remember me by.

If you see this Jared guy Parker talked about, though, give him my number. 555-2883.


And Quinn flees. In seven trips. Because the girl doesn't exactly pack light.

[*waves bye bye to my girl*]
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Quinn kinda forgot about her Journalism homework. She's supposed to take a picture of something interesting, and Ben the Mountie hasn't been in her path lately. He's probably just avoiding her because seeing her would only hurt him. That must be it.

Hm. She can't ask for an extension again, but she doesn't know what else to do.

Finally, Quinn stands up from where she's reading the latest issue of Waif (she's studious like that), picks up the camera Professor Skeeter gave her, and points the camera at herself to take a picture.

Voila! Interesting.
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Anyone passing by the open door of 219 might hear bits of this conversation.

"It's all weird here this weekend. There's snow and all the town people are in the gym, and... I don't know. They seem kinda... weird. I mean, that's just what I know from the radio, but still. They're all downstairs so I think I'm just gonna hide out here for a while..."

There's a long pause as there's an announcement.

"Huh," Quinn says. "...Oh, no, Sandi, everything's fine. Just... weird. Anyway, tell me about the dance. What was Brooke wearing?"
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It's been a busy few days, and Quinn's glad to finally have time to write up an E-mail.

Are you a member of the Fashion Club? I didn't think so )
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Quinn's confused.

She woke up late to a message from Xander, and tried to reply. And then since she doesn't know where Cordelia is, she shoots off a message there, too. Just in case.

By the time she gets the call from Janet, she's just dialing back and seeing what happens. And since she's at it, might as well find out what Xander meant, since replaying the message is making her go "OMGWTF". She places a call and hopes the information will wind its way back to her.

When she gets a call from Callisto, Quinn tries to call Cordelia. To warn her, really.

And this call just freaks her the hell out.
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Quinn tapes her Slave List to the door of her room to check things off as they get done:

the list )
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Quinn sits in her room, admiring the shiny new ring that her Boyfriend From Out Of Town That She's Breaking Up With Anyway sent her, waiting for her brand new slave boy to arrive.
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Quinn's spent the whole day looking at online prom sites, because this town isn't cool enough to have any decent stores, and she would kill to have a Mall of the Millennium around. She's found stuff for herself even though that guy didn't set her up yet like he said he would, but she keeps looking because it's fun, and because she's already playing dress-up in her head.

(OOC: God damn 'delet'e cookie button thing being right next to 'save'... *thwap*

Anyway, I spent most of today looking at prom dress sites. Anyone who may be still looking for homecoming couteur can reply to this, let Quinn know what you have in mind, and she will try to hook you up.)
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So in all my homecoming preparations, I kind of forgot to get a date. I figured they'd come running!

Just don't wear anything gross or gaudy. I'll have to approve your outfit to make sure we don't clash. No corsage. You can bring me flowers but I'm not wearing them. And I'm not going with just anyone.

I just have a little thing for you to fill out if you want to be my date...

Height (anyone shorter than 5'8" need not apply):
Home state/planet:
Astrological sign:
What you're planning on wearing:

And I'll get back to you!

(OOC: Yeah, so mun was thinking of phasing Quinn out till recently, and is now trying to get her back into things kinda with a vengeance. With a week till homecoming. *facepalm*)
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From room 219, a piercing shriek of "Oh, NOOOOOOOO!" is heard.

Inside, Quinn is tearing up her side of the room, in a panic. After not finding whatever it is she's looking for, she picks up her cell phone and dials. "Helen Morgendorffer," a voice answers.

"I can't find my pink suitcase," Quinn says.

"Did you check under your bed?" Helen asks.


"Did you check your closet?"

"Mo-ooooom, you're not listening!" Quinn says. "I have a date tonight and all my date clothes are in my pink suitcase!"

"You have plenty of clothes," Helen tells her, and adds, "I should know, I'm still paying for most of them."

"But they aren't date clothes," Quinn insists. "I can't just wear regular clothes on a date."

"Why not?"

"Because the fabric of space and time will fall apart! White is black, up is down, you get the picture. You can have Daria drive it over to me, she has no life."

"I'm not making Daria drive your clothes to you. Or your father," says Helen before Quinn can suggest it. "You're just going to have to do some problem-solving and find a suitable alternative."

Quinn sighs heavily. "Fine," she says. "I guess I'll just have to reschedule."

(OOC: So Quinn has a date but RL beckons...)


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